Angel Adoptions

Our Angel Adoption program has been very successful. It allows people who maybe cannot adopt their own best friend to pay for someone to adopt their new best friend. We have people who have adopted and paid for someone else to adopt as well. This is the procedure – you would pay the adoption fee for a dog or cat and you can pick out the animal of your choice, or allow the staff to do so. Then a card would be placed on the animal’s crate that an “Angel Adoption” has been paid. You can have your name on the card or remain anonymous. The choice is yours. Once that animal is adopted, you would be notified, if you would like, that the animal has been adopted. We would not release the adopter’s name, unless the adopter approved of their name being released. It is a great program that has allowed many animals to be adopted and it has given great satisfaction to those who have paid for the adoption. It is the perfect way to “Pay It Forward”. For more information, please contact the shelter at (315) 866-3255.